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31 March 2006 @ 01:19 pm
lord, lord, mother.  
got right shitfaced last night with lee & paravoulos downtown. saw soooo many people and maybe took 10 numbers. apparently jeff robertson had a big crush on me in highschool and wants to take me out on a date. never saw that one coming. what else? oh saw eric of morgan & eric fame and decided that we would be drinking buddies, so i took his number and now i'm supposed to call him. yeah, that'll happen. waited for my cab in an open part source truck, left a drunk note...

"dear part source: thank you for leaving your truck open. i really needed somewhere to sit down and smoke a cigarette. i will definately be buying my auto parts from you from now on. all my love, alex."

hahaha. i'm such a drunk. so then i get my cab, guy is super cool, let's me smoke in the car and only charged me like 6 bucks for the ride. exxxxxxxcelllent. probably because i ramble like nobody else to cabbies. again, i am drunk.

called dave. er, drunk dialed dave would be a more appropriate description. thank god he didn't answer. more so, thank god i didn't leave a msg.

me and lee slept through buying the tragically hip tickets we discussed in depth last night. missed the sale by 1 hour... shitty. ah well, still pumped for hillside.

i love aresh. he's so f'n adorable. called him at noon for weed and he was sleeping, which i found out because he text msg'd me to tell me he was sorry he missed my call. what a courteous dealer. now he's showering and coming over to smoke a joint and sell me a half-quarter. sweet deal. he's really making the fact that lovesin quit a whole lot easier. best new dealer ever.... yes, i always say that.

i seriously could have scrownged (sp?) a popper from the leavin's in my sheets when i was making my bed. obviously i have been a little careless with my packing in bed. i'm the classiest bitch around, hands down.
Current Mood: excitedexcited
Current Music: the police & the private - metric