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25 March 2006 @ 06:34 pm
it's a celebration bitches  
so nik wver party tonight. that should be mad good times. i'm done with the bar scene... well, more specifically, done with the stupid creatures parading as cute boys. so yes, excited about tonight.

in other house party news... 
upcoming alex wilson party!!!
pretty much it's the end of the semester and although i will be engaged in summer schooling, i think the fact that queen dropout made in through 2 fuckin' semesters is celebratory worthy. so...

date: saturday april 8th
place: 35 periwinkle way 
phone: 8311527; 8361560
- all welcome -

please feel free to bring your cool friends. and please pass this message along to people i know but haven't seen in a while. i would really love for everyone to come, i can even make early car trips to come and get people and my parents won't be here so all are welcome to stay over. there are tons of extra beds, couches, roll-aways, foam-things and oodles of blankets & pillows for you all to sleep on/with/etc. also, we could do magic bullet margaritas again or some such activity.

let me know your thoughts...
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